Their big, large tires provide unbelievable flotation, traction, and stability, and also open up traveling on surfaces that were previously unrideable. With creative imagination, interest, and a sense of journey, fat bikes include brand-new dimensions to your off-road riding. Our fat bikes are “throttle-assisted” bikes outfitted with an electric motor that may be made use of to push the bike (without pedaling). You push the throttle with your finger to engage the electric motor so you can kick back and take pleasure in the flight!

Powered making use of the major battery pack and features brake light capability that is triggered whenever the brakes are used. A larger range of gearing at hand suggests more torque for treacherous uphill climbs and also maintain pedal authority at full throttle.

This system makes pedalling a cinch and uses optimum efficiency at start-up, even when your climbing a hillside or taking on hard surface. It gives distinct grip as well as immediately adjusts electric motor aid to your rate. Discover new perspectives with this electrical mountain bicycle as well as its incorporated battery. Incorporate fat cycling with various other tasks by bringing them along. Sufficient cargo room develops higher opportunities for human and fat bike powered adventure.

  • Endeavor off the beaten track with the eFB01 electric-assisted fat bike.
  • From big hill days to commuting with your children in-tow, we have actually got you covered.
  • We’ve partnered with Shimano as well as Bosch to guarantee our electrical bikes run the very best electric motors possible for power to performance.
  • As for particular surface, Kona city eBikes are terrific all over community and our electrical mountain bikes can tackle the hardest singletrack or your favored cruisy gravel paths.
  • Its oversized tires supply exceptional convenience over any surface.
  • We provide a selection of electrical bikes that run the gamut of biking disciplines.

Take the wish for speed, and mix in the flotation and also traction fat bikes supply on dust, sand, or snow, and also you’ll be racing all the time, in every season, almost everywhere. We design and also build electric bikes that are constructed for whatever, as well as priced for everybody. Our custom-made Rad Power Bikes RST suspension fork has 80 mm of travel, preload modification, and lockout. For extra upgrades, please refer to Bosch or Shimano to examine compatibility with their systems. In all severity, our eBikes are weatherproof, however they are not intended to be submerged under water.

A number of factors affect performance and variety including uneven surface, rider weight, tons weight, solid headwinds, as well as cooler temperatures. All Kona eBikes are Class 1, which implies they are pedal-assist as well as can be ridden where Course 1 eBikes are permitted. This changes from area to area, so make sure to inspect your regional riding area to see if there are any kind of Class 1 eBike restrictions.

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