A lowball is a poker variant in which the player with the lowest hands wins the game, unlike Texas Hold ‘em or Omaha. The very name of the game signifies its characteristics. This means that the ‘low’ signifies that the winner of the game will be the person with the lowest hands. Those who have the lowest hand will be the strongest player in the lowball game.


As the game of Razz is the lower version of the 7 card stud and similarly the variant of lowball is 2-7 triple draw. Other card games like Pot Limit Omaha also have their lower versions like 7 card stud and lowball.

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It is very interesting to note that the hand rankings in all the variants are most of the time equivalent. Like for instance the most famous lowest hand in Razz is A,2, 3,4, 5 and in the 2-7 also the best lowest hand is 2,3,4,5,7. Flushes and straights are not valuable in some of the lowball games. However, in some games, only straights lack value and flushes are countable.


In some of the low-ball card games, aces hold the highest value and the kings hold the lowest value. On the other hand in some lower variants of the card games aces have the lowest position and kings are valued the most. In some games, the pairs are counted whereas in one of the variations of lowball, i.e. Badugi the pairs are not allowed.



Some more about lowball: 


The main objective of the lowball games is somewhat different from the other common card games in general, as the lowest hands determine the winner of the game. In this card game, the players have to deal with 5 faces down cards. This is followed by a betting round. For the opening or beginning of the game, the players need to fold or bet so that the game is taken further. Some players remain in the pot after this round of betting. They are given a chance to improve their game by the replacement of the old cards with the new ones. This is also called as swapping of the cards. This swapping is known as draw in the card games. In lowball, there are few blinds and one ante. Some of the betting strategies include big blinds and on the contrary, some betting structures need a lesser opening to have the maximum big blind.


In the general lowball games, the normal structure has a limit double just after the draw occurs. However, the game of Northern California is a different game in this matter. The deuce-to-seven and ace-to-five lowball are the most famous kind of lowball games. This form of lowball got its name because it’s from that is 7-5-4-3-2.



What are some of the basic strategies to play the lowball game?


Following are the strategies of lowball game:


  • Position is very important for any games, lowball is not different than. In the lowball game also the position of the table where you are playing the game is very crucial in determining the winner in the game. The button is considered as the strongest position as the last betting is done by button. And of course, the last player to bet is aware of all the other’s moves so it is easy for him to decide for betting.


  • Sometimes smaller wins are also important as they can lead you to bigger wins. It is the general tendency of people to think that playing with a large number of players opens for a good chance to win pots. However, this is not always true. It can be very risky at times so small pots can give you easy wins and a good amount of money as well.


  • You should always understand the game plan of the opponents so that you can play accordingly and win.


Always try to be calm and composed while you are playing card games so that your aggression doesn’t overtake your sanity. In anger and over-enthusiasm generally, the players make a wrong move for which they regret later. If you play with caution then the games will become more interesting and entertaining.











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